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Q&A: Guest Info


What's the RSVP deadline?
Please RSVP by 20 April 2022, but the sooner the better so we can solidify our planning. 

Can I bring my children to the wedding?
Yes. We expect there to be several children attending. If you are planning to bring children, please let us know in advance and consider late-night child care options so you can party the night away.


Which airport should I fly into?
Lisbon airport is the closest option and is about 80 minutes drive from the venue. We suggest you hire a car so you can explore the surrounding area.

Will there be a shuttle to and from the wedding venue?
We won't be arranging any airport transfers as people are coming from many different countries and staying at different hotels. 
With that said, we will be providing local shuttle services on the day of the wedding. That means people staying in Arraiolos or Evora won't need to drive to the venue allowing for peace of mind partying.

What times are the shuttles and where are they going?
This is still in the planning stages as we don't know exactly where everyone is staying yet. But the current plans are:
Afternoon arrival
14:45 Departure from Evora
15:15 Pass through and pick-up in Arraiolos
15:30 Arrive at Pousada do Convento de Arraiolos 
16:00 Ceremony 

First departure
2:00 Depart Pousada do Convento de Arraiolos 
2:10 Drop-off at Arraiolos
2:30 Drop-off at Evora

Second departure
3:00 Depart Pousada do Convento de Arraiolos 
3:10 Drop-off at Arraiolos
3:30 Drop-off at Evora

Final departure
4:00 Depart Pousada do Convento de Arraiolos 
4:10 Drop-off at Arraiolos
4:30 Drop-off at Evora

I'm planning on driving. Is there parking at the venue?
Yes, there is parking at the venue.


Can I stay at the venue?
Unfortunately, rooms at the venue are very limited, so most people will need to find alternative accommodation. Please see our accommodation page for more information. 
How would I know if I've been allocated a room at the venue?
Everyone that is staying at the venue has been informed, so if you haven't been told, you will need to book alternative accommodation.


What's the dress code for the wedding?
The wedding will be formal. Women can opt for a festive cocktail dress, and men for a suit and tie.

What about the weather?
We have ordered sunny weather and are planning for events to take place outside. You can expect temperatures of about 25-30 degrees during the day. That said, woman may consider bringing a shawl for later in the evening as temperatures drop. 


What type of food will be served?
Local, Portuguese from the Alentejo.
If you have any food restrictions, let us know.


Do you have a registry?
We recognise that many of you are travelling a long way to celebrate with us. The costs associated with a destination wedding can add up quickly so your presence at the wedding is present enough. 

If you'd like to give us a present, we'd appreciate a contribution to our honeymoon rather than anything material. 
We also have a registry that can be found here:

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